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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dont ever give up! Donna Hay Chocolate Layer Cake

Since its easter and easter always reminds me of Chocolate, i thought i would do a flash back to the Donna Hay Chocolate Layer Cake. The Cake of all Cakes, the cake that nearly got the better of me. But i didn't back down i was going to master this cake.

I am going to share the link for the recipe with you and give you some hints.

I originally followed the recipe from the 50th Issue Donna Hay Mag but i cant find that link to share with you. So i found the Masterchef version instead- notice there are hardly any steps to recipe? It wasn't until i saw Donna Hay hosting a masterclass on Masterchef that all the hidden steps where revealed!

My first attempt tasted amazing and looked not so amazing it was limp and looked like the leaning tower of cake. You can ask my good friends Jassie Fizzle Out and Kris Eye is for Image just how sad it looked. I was so embarrassed that they even saw the cake- they popped over and i had lost track of time.
I gave them a quick taste and threw it in the bin, even thou they told me not too.

If you want this cake to be a masterpiece you need to add the following steps.
1. Make for cakes instead of 2
2. Slightly freeze the cakes and cake the tops off.
3. So you don't get any cake breaking off while spreading the icing, use cake 1 upright, cake 2 upside down, cake 3 upside down and cake 4 upside down.
4. Measure out your icing equally.
5. Place it in centre and in soft motions work it to once cm from the rim

The result:

I could have bought a really cool cake, that would have costs less and not taken up a 2 whole days but the comments i got from friends and family was totally worth it- plus i think mine looks better than the masterchefs link ;)

Give it a crack for Easter!