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Monday, 30 May 2011

Room81 Restaurant Review

My husband and I love going out for dinner, we normally try and get out of the house once or twice a week and have a good meal and a drink together so no one has to cook or clean. 
I would have to say that the multi award winning Room81 located in Broadbeach at the Sofitel is our current favourite place to dine. It has a beautiful intimate setting, tremendous service and a french inspired menu.

Last last time we visited Room81 i decided to take some pics on my iPhone so i could add it to my blog (it was about a month ago but as say the saying goes- Rome wasn't built in a day and I am doing it know). 

When we enter we were greeted with "bonjour, welcome to Rom81" and we immediately feel a million miles away, now seated at our intimate table with flickering red tea light candles we are handed our menus. I was so excited to see that the menu had changed, i also get extra excited because they stock my favourite wine The Hill by Scotchmans Hill, so no need for the wine list or a taste test just fill her up baby and load her with ice. Still excited about the menu change Horn and I were going back and forth asking each other what we are having (my trick to ordering the perfect meal is to work backwards so i flipped to the desserts). Working my way through the pages i decide on having two entrees and a dessert, our waiter brings over some complimentary freshly baked rolls with butter and takes our orders. 
The best thing about Room81 is all the little extras you get, such as Amuse bouche and a Pre dessert. The Amuse bouche tonight is a bite size duck liver pate, Horn and I both smother it on another roll and devour it quickly. Next up Oysters, Horn loves them i still cant really get my head around them but i normally give one a go to taste the flavour  tonight i gave it a miss and Horn gobbled them all down saying the little bursts of Lime were amazing.
Lime finger caviar
6 for $21
Next up were our entrees, I was so caught up in the moment i forgot to take a picture. 
I had Kingfish- seared yellow tail kingfish, anchovy sauce vierge, wasabi jelly, soy vinaigrette (gf) $19
Horn had the Room81 Signature EntrĂ©e Pork- slow cooked pork belly, braised pork roundel, apple & vanilla gel, spiced apples, fried quail egg, cabernet sauvignon jus (gf) $22. 
Within minutes our beautiful little entrees had been demolished, my Kingfish was delicate and light the perfect was to start a meal while Horns pork was an indulgent treat.

I love scallops, so i find it very hard to not order them when they are on a menu, and the fact that they had changed sealed the deal. WOW WOW WOW take a look at this picture perfect plate yes you are seeing correctly that is popcorn, truffled popcorn and it was superb.... The scallops were cooked to perfection with their beautiful caramelisation but the star of the plate was the corn puree, which is the little yellow blobs. Now i really cant explain this properly in words as you have to experince it for your self but when you cut the little blob or put the whole thing in your mouth it pops and a silky warm corn soup covers your tongue, it was magic and like a real bogan I was like babe you have to try this.
Pan seared scallops, chorizo sausage, corn puree, 
truffled honey popcorn, squid ink pastry, lemon butter jus
I also forgot to take a pic of Horn's roasted lamb loin, lamb leg rilette, caramelized sweetbreads, red wine paste, roasted vegetable mille feuille, thyme & garlic jus (gf) $42
Pre Dessert
Pineapple Pannacotta
with Pineapple Jelly & Pineapple Granita
Now to the desserts the catch is with the Pre dessert you only get it if you order a dessert, so half the time you don't need it as they are just enough if you don't have a sweet tooth. I had eaten all mine before horn had even picked his up and the look on his face was priceless- i was like what its good!!! The souffle and fondant speak for themselves they are to die for, i actually went to a restaurant last week that had cloned the signature dish and it was no where near as spectacular. 

Raspberry soufflĂ© 
with white chocolate sauce, white chocolate ice cream (gf)
Dessert du Jour (Chef's Special)
Chocolate fondant with
vanilla ice-cream and chocolate ganache
If you haven't yet been to Room81, i strongly recommend a little romantic dinner for two or if you are single get a bunch of the girls to get all dolled up have a cocktail in the lounge bar and then sit eat, drink and savour this special venue in the heart of Broadbeach.