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Thursday, 19 May 2011

"the donna hay way"

Recently i added someone else to my list of food idols- the one and only donna hay. I know i have blogged about her previously in my don't ever give up post but i had never really watched her work, my new love and appreciation for this food stylist came about when i saw a sneak peak of her show starting on the lifestyle channel called fast, fresh and simple. The show is produced from her most recent cook book (wait for it)- fast, fresh and simple. In an interview donna hay explains the title and three chapters of the book: "fast"- really fast week night meals- "fresh" a fresh take on an old classic and then "simple" time saving shortcuts, she also uses a clever mix and fresh and store bought ingredients.

I was in Big W the other day (getting some socks for my husband) when i stumbled across the donna hay display and to my delight all her cook books had been massively reduced. I was so excited that i immediately scooped up the new book and had a quick glance around to see what else i could get (every girl loves a sale) and I noticed another of her books- donna hay "a cooks guide" the best of donna hay magazine's how to cook. Since both the books were reduced i thought what the hell i'll get both, later that day my husband asked me why i had bought two books and thinking quick on my feet i replied "it was buy one get one free" instead of explaining the sale! 

I immediately started flipping through the pages of the two books, the photography is picture perfect and she is very successful in making food look as good as it tastes (her motto). I consider myself to be pretty good in the kitchen but after reading the cooks guide it made me realise there are so many techniques and recipes i have not yet attempted or experienced.

So i have set myself a challenge inspired by the Julie and Julia Movie, i am going to make one thing out of each book each week and write about my experiences.

The challenge will be called "the donna hay way".

Hope you enjoy this as much as i will.