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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lauxes Dining Restaurant Review

Recently a friend of mine had raved about the new staff and menu at Lauxes, being an old regular at Lauxes (as it was once owned by a friend)- I suggested to my girlfriend that we should use our Entertainment Books and go to Lauxes.

Saturday was such a windy day, so I was excited to be sitting in the sunshine by the park. I had a 50th Birthday on Saturday so we had a late lunch and we were starving… My girlfriend made the booking for 2.30pm, as we arrived it was busy which for Lauxes in the last 6 months was unusual. 

We waited to be seated and we waited and we waited, we then seated ourselves outside in the sun. Being starving, thirsty and slightly impatient after 15 minutes I walked inside and asked the guy behind the bar for a food & drink menu. He passed them to me and said “be with you in a minute”, understanding that they were busy (not packed), I sat back down and scoured the wine list for some Vino- Sav of course.

We decided on a bottle of Nautilus and started browsing the food menu, although the menu is small and they don’t do the tapas anymore (as far as I could see) we picked out a main each.

Another 15mins past so I walked back inside found a waitress and ordered the wine, it had now been 30mins since we arrived and not even one staff member had been outside to greet us….

Being very thirsty and very hungry now I could see that our bottle of wine was sitting on the bar waiting for us to drink it…. Another 10 minutes past and my girlfriend could tell I was getting very very agitated she then stated “if this is how long it is going to take to get a drink, how long is the food going to be”? Agreeing with her we picked up our bags and got the hell out of there.

Now there are no pictures with this post as there was nothing for me to take pictures of, I wont hold a grudge and I will give them another go as every place has on off day but I tell you what the food better be bloody amazing to make up for it.

As it was getting late, we decided to just share a bottle of wine and pizza at Alto Cucina.

Still dying to sit in the sun, we asked politely if they could open the blinds so we could sit in the outside booths and they did. We ordered our wine & pizza and finally began enjoying ourselves well that was until…………

CRASH, SMASH, BOOM! A flipping soccer ball game flying out of nowhere and knocked my girlfriends drink into my chest and smashed it to smithereens! I looked like I had umm well pissed my pants, I was so saturated I was dripping. I had glass shards stuck all over me and not to mention every pair of eyes in Broadbeach looking at me. So now I was thirsty, starving, saturated and reeking of wine plus I hadn’t even had a sip yet. 

The girls (which were about 20) were trying not to laugh but apologised instantly by saying-
Girls: Oh my god, we are sooo sorry can we buy you another drink?
Lady Dash: If you would like to? Go ahead but I am not asking you to buy me a drink.  I do however think it's pretty stupid to be playing with a ball next to restaurant when there is a park just across the road????
They then walked off and a guy comes over
Guy: I am so sorry about my friends, can I buy you a drink?
Lady Dash: Its not your fault, don’t worry about.
Guy: Oh ok you don’t happen to know where the ball went do you?
Lady Dash (with a smile): Mate, I don’t really give a shit where you ball is.

After all that we still managed to sit, eat and laugh after the day we just had. The staff at Alto were fantastic and looked after us and turned a shocker into a nice afternoon.

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